We’re living in a fast paced world. People are working very hard every day to follow their dreams and still feel something is missing.

As the old saying goes, health is wealth. After so much hard work and achievements, people still wish to live a healthy lifestyle. In modern world, healthy lifestyle not only constitutes balanced diet, regular exercise, lower fat content but also the quality of food they’re consuming.

Normal Indian household meal consists of a seasonal vegetable, dal or pulses, green salad/fruit and chappati. People usually eat different types of vegetables, fruits, pulses every day, however the chappati that they eat remains same. It’s made from the standard wheat, sourced from the neighbourhood flour mill, contains low fibre and high maida (finely milled wheat flour – considered very unhealthy). Most of the neighbourhood flour mills supply sub-standard quality of wheat at high prices, their facilities and milling process is not hygienic, the sacks or bags (in which flour is packed and delivered) are usually unhygienic and used over a long time.

Once people realise these issues, they wanted to try branded wheat flour. Many such big brands are available in market at a very affordable price. Such big brands offer premium quality wheat flour and hygiene milling process. However they fail to mention that their milling process ensure high maida content in packaged flour. Also, branded flour is milled many months ago before its available at your nearest store, hence the wheat flour you are eating is not fresh.

livsharbati mp sharbati wheat flourAll of us know that wheat flour has very short shelf life. *as per the studies, shelf life for whole wheat flour is shorter compared to white flour due to the presence of lipids and lipid-degrading enzymes. Hence, freshness of whole wheat flour is one of the most important aspects of your meal.

If we consider above arguments, then people are left with no option. If they prefer neighbourhood flour mill then there are quality and hygiene issues, if they prefer branded wheat flour then its not fresh and hence unhealthy. Now, what’s the solution?

The solution lies somewhere in the middle. There should be a wheat flour supplier, that can supply premium quality wheat flour, hygienically processed and packed, delivered fresh as and when the customer wants it.

I know your next question. You will ask – is there any such supplier that exists in my city?

I am not sure about your city, however in my city Gurgaon, there are a few such options. First of them is LivSharbati, it’s a startup based out of Gurgaon, that delivers on-demand fresh wheat flour. They offer 100% MP Sharbati Wheat flour (What’s MP Sharbati?) which is milled only after an order is placed by the consumer. Their packaging is of very high quality and hygienic. Livsharbati also offer free home delivery.

mp sharbati livsharbati

How LivSharbati operates?

Firstly, there are many ways you can order for LivSharbati:
1. Give them a call @ 8882244111
2. Send your Quantity & Address through SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.
3. Visit their website to Order & make online payments.
4. Download their App & Place your order with just one tap! (It will be available soon!)
5. Just sign up for their Subscriptions & forget about ordering again & again.

As soon as you place an order with LivSharbati, they start the milling process and prepare your fresh flour. After milling they keep it open for few minutes as instantly sealing the flour is not a recommended. Not to forget during the milling process the flour is directly filled into the bags without human touch keeping the flour hygienic.

LivSharbati uses eco-friendly High Density Paper Laminated Bags to deliver the flour. These bags are of high quality and are made from 100% food grade material. After the flour cools down, the bags are sealed and delivered at your doorstep.

So, not only LivSharbati milling process is hygienic but also it is prepared fresh only for you and delivered using the most appropriate bags for flour.

livsharbati chappati roti

LivSharbati also offers Mobile Wallet payment options while they deliver the order. As soon as the delivery boy reaches at your home with Fresh LivSharbati flour instead paying him by cash, you have an option to pay via PayTM, Mobikwik etc. No need to worry about keeping the change handy every time.

There are few other players also such as Agrinectar, etc that operate as retail stores. But, they don’t sell online and do not offer free home delivery.

As you would realise, how important it is to analyse which wheat flour you’re eating. And how much impact it will have on you, your family and kids. Roti made of Wheat flour is the only thing that we eat three times a day – paratha in breakfast, roti/chapati in lunch and dinner. It’s very important to understand which type of wheat we’re eating, is it milled and packed hygienically, whether it contains fibre or maida and whether it’s delivered fresh or not.

If you happen to be in Gurgaon, I would highly recommend LivSharbati wheat flour. Give it a try and feel the difference. As they say, health is wealth.